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Production Methods


Process for restoring the malleability of silver which has been made brittle by hammering. The metal is heated until red-hot then plunged into cold water which rearranges the metal’s molecular structure.

Applied Work

Details such as spouts, handles, borders, etc.

Decorations which have been cast and then soldered on to a piece of hollowware.


Decorative border ornament composed of adjacent half rounds.


Process for making metal-ware where molten metal is poured into a mould.


Decoration in high or low relief achieved by punches which push the surface into patterns and which does not entail the removal of any metal.

Flat Chasing

Resembles engraving; a surface decoration produced with a hammer which doesn’t involve the removal of metal.


Decorative technique similar to appliqué work in sewing. Thin sheets of silver are cut into patterns which are then applied as ornamentation.

Die Cutting or Sinking

Process where a master pattern is reproduced in steel to form a die from which an identical article of a softer metal can be stamped out.


The process by which base metals are coated with pure silver when electrical currents pass through a plating bath which deposits the silver on the base metal.


Decoration worked from the back of the piece to show relief.

Flatware Blanking

Another form of pressing and cutting a thick slab of metal into rough form. Subsequent additional hammer drops define the flatware before rough and final finishing.


Decoration formed from parallel convex ribs.

Acid Etching

Method of customizing a product with an emblem, logo, or seal, etched into the item by transferring a tissue lifting of a logo from a steel engraving plate. The impression left is surrounded by wax resin. Acid is applied to the immersion and resin is then removed, cleaned and a permanent etching is left.


Surface decoration in which a pattern is eaten into the surface with acid.


Designs achieved by cutting the surface of metal by the use of sharp tools called gravers which remove small amounts of metal.